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Enterprise Mobility in the hands 
of those that use it.

The Sakon Mobility App gives your employees a user-friendly, intuitive and effective way to manage their day-to-day mobility
in the corporate world.

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The Mobility Application from Sakon

Sakon’s first-to-market innovative mobile application elevates employee productivity to a new level. Everything they need to do and everything they need to know to manage their corporate mobile experience easily and efficiently ‑ always accessible with a click or a swipe.


Simplified Onboarding

Getting users registered to your corporate app is no longer a tedious process. Sakon’s conversational UX keeps employees engaged and makes the process fun and easy.

The Anytime/Anywhere Virtual Assistant at your beck and call

Our smart, intelligent and AI/ML powered Virtual Assistant is capable of identifying where you might require help and proactively suggesting the best solutions.



Notifications so you won’t miss a beat

A totally non-intrusive automated push-notification engine is working behind the scenes to keep you up to date.

All your mobility in one place

Take a quick glance, see services, devices, costs, and applications. All can be done from your personalized Dashboard.



Self-service with simplicity

Change Features, Add International Plans, Transfer Out, Disconnect, Number Change. Service Requests are seamlessly integrated within the app so that it’s quick, easy and simple.

Help when help is needed

The Help Center is always available whether on-demand or scheduled so a representative is ready when it’s most convenient in your day.


We’re on a mission to help enterprises organize and understand their communications ecosystem. 

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