How Goldman Sachs Transformed Its Global Telecom Spend Management Practice With Sakon

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See how Sakon provided Goldman Sachs with a solution that completely automated and streamlined global telecom AP processes.

With over 3,000 invoices a month, Goldman Sachs’ disparate processes and resources were leading to chaotic and inefficient expanse management. Intakes, chargebacks, and payment processes were time-consuming and complicated, and their team didn’t have holistic category spend visibility for informed decision-making.
Sakon helped Goldman Sachs modernize telecom spend management by providing:
  • Data-driven insights into all invoices and a single source of truth for all invoicing and expenses
  • Time-saving measures to reduce manual intervention, human error, and resource waste
  • An invoice lifecycle management process that automates invoice validation, checks for errors, creates disputes, tracks activity, and more.

Discover How Sakon Partnered With Goldman Sachs for Streamlined Telecom Spend Management