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The adoption of SaaS applications by the enterprise and its worldwide workforce is delivering an “as a service” headache to those charged with managing it, particularly IT and Finance. With employees relying more and more on SaaS applications they bring to the workplace without IT’s knowledge, a “shadow IT” environment is growing – at a growing cost to the enterprise.

Sakon’s SaaS Management application, a key application within the Sakon Platform, brings SaaS use and expense out of the shadows and into the light so it can be managed securely and cost effectively. Sakon SaaS Management delivers an enterprise-view of employees’ cloud applications across service providers, geographies, organizations, and roles, enabling IT and Finance to efficiently provision, support, and optimize SaaS subscriptions and spend.

Explore Sakon SaaS Management to learn more about how this elegant and powerful application provides the key capabilities you need to control SaaS use and expense while enhancing employee productivity, including:

  • SaaS Portfolio Management
  • SaaS Application Management
  • Cost Optimization
  • Service and Catalogue Management

Sakon puts it all together – global inventory management, HR and SaaS Vendor integration management, role-based application access, and expense optimization – to help you deliver a great SaaS user experience at significantly less cost.

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Sakon makes SaaS simple.