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Sakon TEM Application Center

The heart of Sakon’s industry-leading telecom expense management (TEM) solution beats here in the Sakon Telecom Expense Management application, which automates invoice acquisition, validation, and payment of communications expenses. Sakon Telecom Expense Management, a key application within the Sakon Platform, uses a proprietary 3-Way Match™ methodology to drive significant cost savings and provide a single system of record – a living inventory of every component in an enterprise’s communications network – to understand, manage, and, ultimately, transform the network.

Explore Sakon Telecom Expense Management to learn more about how this elegant and powerful application provides the key capabilities you need to tame the TEM beast, including:

  • Invoice Lifecycle Management
  • Invoice Validation and Exceptions
  • Cost Allocation and Rebilling
  • Savings Management

Sakon puts it all together – network and user-device inventory, invoices, and carrier contracts – to help you reduce global costs, ensure invoice & payment accuracy, and leverage data to drive operational performance.

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Sakon makes TEM simple.