Sakon Webinar: New Models in Mobility Management

The enterprise has always struggled with managing mobility at scale, from procuring, provisioning and securing devices, to tracking inventory & invoices, paying monthly bills, and managing carrier contracts. Today, that challenge is increasing in complexity as competing device-ownership models – Corporate Liable, BYOD, and MDaaS – collide.

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In this webinar, Phil Caruso, an expert in mobility management, will provide valuable insights and tips to help IT, Procurement, Sourcing, and Operations Managers simplify the delivery and management of mobility to the enterprise while radically reducing its cost.


  • Examine the legacy model of enterprise mobility, understanding how we got there and where it is heading.
  • Learn why BYOD is back – and why Gartner predicts it will become the predominant enterprise-mobility model by 2020.
  • Learn about a new Device as a Service model for enterprise mobility that is transforming how IT refreshes and manages employee devices.
  • Discover what you’ll need to manage a hybrid mobility environment where several different device-ownership models co-exist within the enterprise.

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