Telecom Expense Management 2020:

A Strategic First Step Toward Transformation

A TrendzOwl Executive Brief in partnership with Sakon

TrendzOwl's Opinion on Sakon's TEM

Internal technology management teams face a host of strategic, mission-critical organizational requirements that must be prioritized. When it comes to telecom expense management (TEM), many enterprises have long engaged with assorted vendors to fulfill this critical need.

Too often, however, enterprises have struggled with ineffective legacy TEM implementations. But organizations are not fated to endure such well-worn struggles. Truly strategic partnerships sharply define project parameters and ensure rapid, agile, and seamless execution. Ultimately, the enterprise stands to gain significantly more from the proper implementation of TEM than has long been assumed.

TrendzOwl recently published a report on the TEM market, and Sakon's TEM solution. 

In the report you will find:

  1. Key takeaways for effective TEM
  2. Three differentiators for Sakon's TEM solution
  3. Actions to consider when approaching your TEM engagement

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